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"Bretagne - 30 Years of Splendour"

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BFE Member @vitor has been in touch with us about a book he has written celebrating 30 years of Bretagne. Whilst BFE doesn't generally do advertising, this may be of interest to members. The book is 248 pages, at a cost of 30 GBP + postage.

Please contact @vitor by PM for further information if you are interested in purchasing.

“BRETAGNE – 30 Years of Splendour” is a wonderful, colourful book stuffed with fantastic, large pictures of Bretagne/Brittany. Images of both the mv “BRETAGNE”, a cruise ferry between Brittany (St. Malo) and Britain (Portsmouth), and of Bretagne, the French region the ship is named after, and where the headquarters of her shipping company BRITTANY FERRIES are located. 

2019 is the year of the 30th anniversary of the beautiful ship “BRETAGNE”. 

In her honour Vitor Francisco has made a jubilee book that in praising words and in captivating photographs pays a ship-lover’s tribute. Not only to “BRETAGNE” the cruise ferry, but also to Bretagne the coast-region. 

Vitor Francisco is an English salesman with Portuguese origins, who monthly takes the boat across to visit the mainland of Europe for his work. He has sailed in many, many, many cruise ferries in Europe. He knows them all, inside out. And there is one particular that he has fallen in love with completely and that is the mv “BRETAGNE”. 


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