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Fine Whine

Let's release some bad news - and hope nobody notices..

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To be fair, I didn’t get the impression that they had hoped nobody would notice.

But as a principle, yes, this is the perfect time for companies or governments to release news they hope will get buried by the headlines.

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In terms of bad news I'm a bit doubtful about this from Stena - they're closing the Oslo route, but say they aren't sure it will re-start after this is all sorted. Stena have a reputation as one of the most socially-minded of ferry operators but I get a sense this route was marginal with an expensive Swedish crew and they've just bitten the bullet to get rid of it now - to be fair they have denied it's an opportunity to downsize...

FWIW the Stena Saga has gone to Gothenburg to lay up at the German terminal.

Translated from https://www.nrk.no/osloogviken/color-line-permitterer---stena-line-sier-opp-1.14947295


I don't know if Stena Saga will return

SIER OPP: MS «Stena Saga» fra Stena Line på vei til Oslo. Nå må det svenske rederiet si opp 950 ansatte, skriver danske medier. Foto: Halvard Alvik, NTB scanpix

Stena Line does not choose to lay off, but terminates a total of 950 employees, which equates to almost half of the employees in Sweden.

It confirms Carl Mårtensson, who is a press contact for the company's Swedish, Baltic and German activities.

"The layoffs affect employees working on several of our Swedish-registered ships, including Stena Saga and the ferries between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn, Stena Jutlandica and Stena Danica," says Mårtensson.

Some employees in the company's administration in Gothenburg are also losing their jobs.

Stena Saga has until recently gone been in traffic between Oslo and Frederikshavn in Denmark, but is docked in Gothenburg until further notice.

Mårtensson can't promise it's going back into operation.

When asked why they made staff redundant, and not lay off, he answers:

'We're likely to lose the whole peak season this year and we're not sure the market can pick up again enough afterwards.

He rejects that the company takes the opportunity to downsizing.

According to the company, there are mostly Swedish employees on board Stena Saga.

Stena Line tells SVT that they do not rule out that there will be more layoffs and changes to routes as a result of the corona epidemic and the halt in ferry traffic they are now seeing.

Stena Line's director, Niclas Mårtensson, today calls "One of the worst days in my life".


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Full closure of the Frederikshavn-Oslo route after four decades and three Stena Sagas.

Stena Line closes the Oslo-Frederikshavn route permanently

(Published 19 March)

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel restrictions imposed by several countries, Stena Line has, like many other companies within the travel industry, seen a drastic decline in travel bookings. The effect has been the worst in Scandinavia and on Saturday, 14 March, Stena Line stopped operating the Oslo – Frederikshavn route until further notice. Today, Thursday 19 March the decision was made to permanently close the route after more than 40 years in operation.

The decision means Stena Line will close their office in Oslo which will affect 30 shore-based employees. The vessel Stena Saga is currently in lay up in its port of registry, Gothenburg.

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