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Balearia hoping to get certified as having Covid-19 safe ships...

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Great to see this. The certification, if obtained, could win some confidence from the traveling public that ferry travel is more suited to social distancing. Might even help them steal some passengers from the airlines... 

In summary: Balearia are hoping to be the first shipping company in the world to obtain a certificate called "Global Safe Site Covid-19" from Bureau Veritas.


The company Baleària, based in Dénia (Alicante), is working to become the first shipping company in the world to obtain the Global Safe Site Covid-19 label at its highest level (Excellence) from the international certification and inspection body Bureau Veritas, which will ensure that its ships and the maritime stations it manages carry out specific procedures, cleaning plans, organisational and personal protection measures to prevent contagion.

The shipping company will also periodically measure the possible presence of the virus on the surface in order to obtain the excellent category of the certificate. A certificate that, according to Baleària, "goes beyond" the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, since more complete and reinforced actions will be carried out than those indicated by these organizations in terms of safety and cleanliness.

The certification will include 16 of the shipping company's ships (the 12 currently operating and another four that it hopes to add to the operation when the current restriction on passenger transport is lifted), as well as the two maritime stations that it manages directly (Dénia and Valencia). This certification is scheduled for the beginning of June and will be renewed every six months, with regular checks.

The president of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, has pointed out that "maritime transport is the one that can best guarantee safety, since the wide spaces of the ships allow for maintaining the distances between passengers". "In Baleària we are working to increase this safety inherent to the means of transport and the Bureau Veritas certification will be a guarantee that our ships are the most reliable spaces to travel," he said.

At the moment, Baleària operates with 12 ships dedicated almost exclusively to the transport of goods and also passengers with authorization to travel. This has meant that since the beginning of the state of alarm the daily coexistence between crews and passengers has served the shipping company as a pilot model to advance in terms of security protocols.

Thus, several actions have been taken, in addition to extreme cleaning and disinfection. The crew members in contact with the passengers work with a mask, and in the kitchen area they also wear gloves. Agglomerations with spacing of boarding, disembarkation and queuing areas (restaurant, reception) are avoided and the crew relays have been optimized to prevent contagion on board.

The shipping company, which in 2019 transported more than 4,480,000 people, provides hydroalcoholic gel to all passengers, who since Monday, May 4, are required to travel with a mask.

Baleària is the leading shipping company in the transport of passengers and cargo on connections with the Balearic Islands, and also links Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands with the mainland. On an international level, it offers services in Morocco, Algeria and the Caribbean (between the USA and the Bahamas).

The company is a world pioneer in the use of natural gas: in 2019 it was the first to sail with this cleaner energy in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. Its gas-powered fleet will reach nine ships by 2021, including new constructions and relocations, with an investment of 380 million euros.

The company is committed to putting technology at the service of customers on its smart ships and to using big data to improve efficiency.

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