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P&O Downsizing

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Pride of Bruges is just arriving in Naples now. These pictures captured from the Mount Vesuvius webcam. Some nice pics from a couple of Dutch crew that stayed for the delivery voyage of her passing through Gibraltar. Pride of York in shipyard now, there will be 3 ex P&O boats in Naples today with the ex Pride of Le Havre, also now with GNV as well. Screenshot_20210430-083710_Chrome.thumb.jpg.8e3a7b9530d694d6f5d32c964ef1e05d.jpg



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44 minutes ago, Solo said:

Pride of Burgundy has moved from the Fal to drydock in Falmouth.  Video available from King Harry ferry on Facebook.

They should have time to go round with the vacuum cleaners before she re-opens PIP - St Malo in late June.

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Posted (edited)

Pictures of her leaving the Fal on Cornwall Live  www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/gallery/cross-channel-ferry-bids-farewell-5379370?fbclid=IwA

Sorry the link doesn't appear to work, might have to type it in.

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Pride of York now called GNV Aries and under the Italian flag on AIS, due to enter service next week I think. She's been painted in GNV livery and had some internal upgrades apparently. They have mentioned she will have a recliner lounge, which will have been added for instance, (although as built she did have some, since made into cabins). Pride of Bruges is a few days behind her, having arrived 6 days later. 

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