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Former Portsmouth Queen Rumoured To Be Sold (Again)

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It's rumoured that the former Gosport Ferry 'Portsmouth Queen' could sold again. The ship left Gosport on February 29th 2016 after she was sold to Absolute Charters to be used as the party vessel 'London Queen'. However, due to rumoured financial difficulties, the vessel was put up for sale again in 2019.

The Baliwick Express have have reported:

Local diners could soon be eating out on Guernsey's waters, if planning permission for a floating restaurant in the QEII Marina is granted.

Jon Wilson, of Township Holdings Limited, has submitted plans for the eatery, which would float adjacent to the south west corner of the St Peter Port marina.

According to the plans, it would be able to carry about 200 passengers and staff across two decks. The main deck would be the restaurant area, with 21 tables and a kitchen, while the lower level would be a bar with casual seating.

It would open from 08:00 until 23:00 on weekdays, 10:00 until 00:00 on Saturdays and 10:00 until 22:00 on Sundays.

The boat would float about four metres away from the quay and would be connected to land by a covered gangway, allowing access at all states of the tide.

It would be kept in place using plies and, at low tide, would come to rest on a bed of recycled aggregate to protect it from the rough rocks underneath.

The plans are open to consultation at the moment but the applicants have raised concerns that permission might only be granted for an initial three year period.

"It is understood that the [planning] department is concerned that, without due maintenance, the condition of the vessel might deteriorate, the use of a limited period of approval a means to address this circumstance," said Chris Martel of CCD Architects, who wrote to the Development & Planning Authority of behalf of Township Holdings Limited.

"From the outset, our clients would like to emphasise that it is in the interests of the business for the vessel to be maintained in the very best condition, so the idea that the vessel should be well maintained is not a problem in itself.

"Our clients note that in extending the variety of offerings available in St Peter Port this venture will be of benefit to the Town, but that the extent of the financial investment involved should not be underestimated. The restaurant will be required to pay back this investment over a significant period of time. In this respect, planning approval for only three years would prevent the project from proceeding.

"For this reason, our clients would ask the authority to consider an alternative approach, such as granting an unlimited planning approval but under the condition that the vessel continues to be maintained to a certain pre-defined and tangible standard."






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UPDATE: Portsmouth Queen (London Queen), was sold on June 19th 2019 to Township Holdings Limited and plans have been put in for a floating Restaurant. The former ferry is still tied up in Queenborough.

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