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Health Declarations for entry into Spain.

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I have been informed that Spanish health authorities are requiring all passengers entering Spain by air have to complete a declaration which will be scanned on arrival.

There is no mention anywhere, including BF web pages, of a requirement for this declaration to be completed by people arriving in Spain by ferry.

Does anyone have any other information regarding this form?

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Trouble is the words from on high are not kept for posterity and the website does not say that anymore

Yes don't worry, the form is on board & they collect it there and take your temperature before leaving the ship - being a French company I would worry about how the temperature is taken. 

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I've been trying to find out myself as I was told on my thread "Entry Documentation" that a form had to be filled out and presented at border control when entering into Spain.

I also received an email from BF today welcoming me on board (departing this Friday) and stated what documents needed filling out (refer to first link above). In the first section "Together & Protected" it refers you to click onto a link which has all the relevant entry requirements. 

My second link above is the Spanish form that needs filling out per passenger which I assume is handed to passport control when entering Spain?

I must agree this is not very clear when booking and its like finding a needle in a hay stack. Thanks to this forum I finally found it. 

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You will be given the correct form at check in which has a section on the top to include your ferry and date of arrival. The link I saw only takes you to ones for air transport. BF staff will collect the form and take your temperature from you when you are sat in your car waiting for disembarkation .

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13 hours ago, neilcvx said:


Some people still think the French widely use rectal thermometers... I believe they are now reserved for loud Brexiteers...?

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