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I don't know if this is the correct home for this post - if not mods please feel free to move it!

Some thoughts on the new French experience.
The crossing to St Malo felt very safe, but then we had a Commodore cabin with breakfast brought to us. Judging from the car deck it was a pretty busy crossing too, which was good to see. Boarding and disembarkment were done in colour order (allocated at check-in and indicated by a windscreen sticker and also on your cabin keys) , as was the recommended breakfast times in the self service restaurants. Some signs of cost cutting, no newspaper, fruit or macaroons in the cabin, just a couple of wet wipes and a small Toblerone. Staying in the cabin until our colour was called to the car deck was very civilised without the congestion at the top of all the stairways. 
Immigration at St Malo was just the usual passport check, although with everyone wearing masks that can't be too easy!
Life in France is getting back to normal. Many restaurants are still takeaway only though. Wearing a mask is compulsory in shops etc although it appears the 20/30 somethings are a bit lackadaisical about this. Fair play to the girls in our campsite bar, they won't serve them until they mask up. That age group are also a bit gung-ho on the social distancing, even though the norm is only 1 metre here - something I personally think will have to be increased. I've even seen a group of them sharing a glass of beer. At least we haven't had any handshakes, hugs or kisses, something the French are finding very difficult to resist. 
Shopping is okay. Some shops have a limit on the maximum number of people at one time, like at home, others don't seem to. My main bugbear is people wearing masks under their nose, useless! To be fair that happens at home too, as does young adults not wearing masks in shops. Supermarkets don't seem to count customers in and out like at home and there are  no hand or trolley cleansing stations at the entrance. But we supplied our own. 
So, on the whole a safe feeling experience so far, and we are told the Vendee is a safe area to be. 

Finally, the new buzzword here seems to be "enfin" 


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I don't think you can just look at one day. Latest info sesm to be as below. The lower deach rate in France is thought to be due to new infections being concentrated among younger people.

Latest figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control show that in the past two weeks the UK has had an incidence of 16.5 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people. France currently has 26. In terms of the number of deaths from the virus, the UK recorded 1.3 per 100,000 people in the past two weeks, with France recording 0.2 in the same time-frame. 

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On 12/08/2020 at 09:34, colin said:

Super U in Pleurtuit has sanitised trolleys outside the entrance, regularly topped up, and hand cleanser dispensers galore.

This was a hyper U in Aizenay, where the attempt at a one-way entrance/exit was widely ignored too. We'll no doubt be visiting hyper U in Challans soon so I'll see what they're doing.

By the way, the cases of wine on the ferry have all been re-priced to pretty bargain levels.

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Bretagne from Portsmouth last night, 17th August, was not very full, only deck 3 in use and only two lanes on either side.  Exiting the car seemed better organised than a fortnight ago with a crew member telling you when you could leave. However the lift was not being monitored. Lucky to get a Commodore cabin, none available at time of booking.

No sign yet of the macaroons, but the fruit bowl was back with a small Toblerone. The Self Service restaurant was very quiet apart from 3 loud pensioners, one claiming "We don't have to wear masks, we are Welsh" ! Breakfast delivered the the cabin was excellent, coffee, fruit juice, croissants, pain au chocolat and round rolls :) butter and preserves.

Going back to the car was a free for all, no one was called down by the colour coding and with no one monitoring the lifts again we stumbled into one already containing a large (masked) BF engineer. Unloading was quick and easy and only a superficial glance at the passports.

Commandant Valois ?, a new name to us, seemed in no hurry but were were docking in St Malo in good time.

Overall a good experience and nice to see some familiar faces amongst the Bretagne crew.  388217032_Deck3.JPG.65eb2b33427da212a6a2749b2957651a.JPG

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With Bretagne and Armorique tied up it appears there are going to be at least 250 BF crew without a ship and without a job. 

The papers in Brittany report disquiet amongst BF staff.  They feel abandoned by the company.

We've heard from a regular crew member of many years service that communications from management have been non existant.

I am not being a doom monger, just worrying for friends made over the years.  With four surplus Commandants, "the new experience" is not looking good at the moment.




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