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No Timetables for 2020

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I received an email today re consolidating sailing from Plymouth Roscoff to  the Pont Aven. This promoted me to look at the timetables To which all dates to and from France Spain from U.K. have gone - only showing sailing for next year. 

Is this a blip in the system or am I missing something?

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5 hours ago, Tregastel said:

They are still there, but haven't been updated yet.

The format is somewhat confusing and you can only view one month at a time. Select a month (by clicking on it) to see sailings.  

I found that if you 'right click' an open timetable page, select 'print', I get a print preview showing all months on one or two pages on screen rather than just one.  Not sure if this is a unique quirk of my hardware or how it's intended!

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