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Ferries Portsmouth 3rd July 2006

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That's the traditional looking Normandie I know with the distinctive blue and white pattern at the stern.

The web address looks a little bit of an afterthought - how long was that on there? In all of my photos of her (and ones I've seen online of her in that livery) didn't have the website.

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What a mess she looks now. Those stairtowers at the stern were designed to be broken up by the blue lines, leaving them unpainted just makes them look like like bolted on emergency exits. 

Letting a marketing company rather than professional designers apply the livery to the ships has seen such a step backwards in BF's visual identity. And that's without even looking at the scrubbers.

Great pics all round.

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21 minutes ago, Jim said:

Ah... When the Normandie looked elegant! Happy days!



The detailing on her livery was exquisite. Every time you look at old photos you can see something different about how they gave her that purposeful look, it was all about lining things up and making them relate to each other. The angle of the blocks of blue aft aligned with the shape of the funnel, the place where the stripes step up on the hull form an invisible line up through the angle of the aft of the blue line in the superstructure and up the back of the funnel. The blue stripes at the forward end of the superstructure aligned with the stripe around mooring area. BF livery perfection IMO.


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