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I've found the Burgundy laid up in Legoland Windsor next to the last remaining Stena HSS , unfortunately soon she will probably discover the same fate as the HSS

As for the Burgundy yes she has never been a particularly lovely ship, being too obviously a ship bolted together rather than designed properly for passenger service. However... I thought she loo

Alas not - when I've put in the request to add us into the forum softwares mobile app, it needed an image bigger than a BFE logo I had to hand. I used a photo of the PA (by Andy) to get the form submi

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27 minutes ago, colin said:

We were there before it first opened as a trial with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, represented by Prince Edward on that occasion. When was that? late 80s?

Legoland Windsor? Mid 90s. Think I went in 95 and it wasn't that old 

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