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Booze Allowances for 2021

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Irish Revenue and Customs have been getting increasingly aggressive of late, often suggesting to prospective booze cruisers heading to France that the EU paid rules and quantities are an absolute rath

You might want to factor in meeting up with all your Celtic cousins along the way , the ones you never knew you had , by the time you get to Belfast you won't have anything left to declare .

So if I sail to Rosslare then get the Belfast Cairnryan ferry I will be ok .

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15 minutes ago, hf_uk said:

Presumably - if you buy a ton of wine onboard, does that count as part of the duty free allowance??

Yep - so perhaps it won't be a case of buying a ton onboard.


2 hours ago, BobCrox said:

Glad the boozers are happy. Did you notice that this is the only allowance? All the other goodies seen in duty free shops are excluded.

Alcohol and Tobacco - UK.gov guidance is at https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/arrivals-from-outside-the-eu

I thought there was a fixed financial amount for other goods but can't find a mention of it.

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