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Pont-Aven Roscoff to Plymouth. 17th September

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With Bretagne laid up we headed to Roscoff for our latest return crossing. Red Bus noted as we drove past ! 

Not a very busy crossing, cars, camper vans and a couple of Dartmouth Crab Company lorries and one from Falfish.  Collecting or delivering ?

Deck 3, allocated a blue sticker but it was meaningless. Free for all with people getting out of the cars as soon as they parked resulting in a crowd for stairs or lift. 

Encouragingly there was a security man on the car deck reminding those who had forgotten to wear a mask. Disappointingly one of the BF crew was more interested in a Spaniel than social distancing , even holding our lift so he, the dog and its owners could crowd in. I commented that the crew on Bretagne only allowed one "family" at a time in the lift, but he said there was plenty of space.  Safely installed in our Commodore cabin we watched the sun set over Roscoff and were happy to see the macaroons reinstated. Cabin clean and correct. Ventured out to the self service restaurant to top up on our picnic, it was like a ghost ship.  Round bread rolls had a "do not serve yourself" warning notice !  but, "help yourself" said the staff man :)

With a gale warning in place for Plymouth the crossing was a bit bumpy at times during the night, we still arrived in good time. Returning to vehicles was again a free for all, no colour coding involved. The Passenger Locator/ Self Isolation announcement from the Pont- Aven information desk was comprehensive and good. Guidance from Border Force was non existant.

It took almost 45 minutes to exit the port, pity we had a 4 hour drive ahead rather than the usual 50 minute one. Overall it was good to be travelling with BF again.

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Afterthought.  At 6.30 am the Border Force at Plymouth seemed understaffed. There was no checking of car boots or looking in vans that I saw. There did however appear to be a "naughty step" in a lane off to the right where three vehicles had been sent, possibly as they didn't have Passenger Locator forms. Moving them out of the exit queue should have been a good idea but didn't seem to make much sense when the Border Force officer then had to leave the control box to go and talk to them - resulting in an empty box and no other vehicles able to leave. There was a token Customs man watching cars drive out, but none of the checks we see on every vehicle arriving at Portsmouth.

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It was the similar when we came back on August 17th, the day after quarantine, our PLF's were both checked on our phones but they had separate officer dealing with the right hand naughty step. However 3 of the usual 4  boxes were in use which was good for such a lightly loaded crossing

Over the past couple of years there is rarely any Customs at Plymouth for the Roscoff sailings, they seem to act on intelligence and sometimes have their ANPR van checking number plates and a couple of guys to put suspect vehicles into the shed. mind you it's a totally different staffing level for the Spanish arrivals!

45 mins is quite usual, especially if you are on not on deck 3.

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56 minutes ago, BZH29 said:

Yes it was there, they were there too !

Fell foul of the ANPR a few years back - my company car number plates had been stolen off the vehicle one night.  The case was still 'open' with Notts constabulary.  We were detained briefly whilst they checked out my 'story', but it was a bit embarrassing as all the other passengers stared as they drove past, felt like criminals!


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