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Amorella Aground


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The ship Amorella has run aground near Mariehamn.

Passengers have been called up on deck in life jackets.

- A rather loud scratch was heard and then I looked out the cabin window and saw that we were very close to an island, says Eva Vaihinen who is on board the boat. 

The ferry was on its way from Turku to Stockholm on Sunday morning when it ran aground off Järsö in the Åland archipelago.

Suddenly a scratch was heard, says Eva Vaihinen is on the boat.

- The boat got a little tilt towards port as well, she says.

- They have called all passengers on conference decks and handed out life jackets and you are not allowed to go to your cabins anymore and have to sit and wait for more information, she says.

During Expressen's conversation with Eva Vaihinen, a loudspeaker shout is heard on board that they have had a basic disturbance and "asks passengers to calmly wait for information". 

"We have our helicopters on standby"

Eva Vaihinen says that the mood is calm so far.

- In the beginning it was a bit worrying because the alarm went off, then there were some who were very scared. But now everyone is calm and waiting. I guess they have not mapped out how big the damage is yet.

The port of Mariehamn on Åland has just been informed of the incident. 

- This has just come to my knowledge. The only comment I have is that the port is always helpful if the need arises, says the CEO of the Port of Mariehamn, Alef Jansson.

The Maritime and Air Rescue Center confirms the incident. 207 passengers are said to be on board, and there are 74 people in the crew, according to the Sea and Air Rescue Center.

- That's right. Finland is leading an effort there. They are organizing themselves and we have offered assistance and we have our helicopters on standby should we have to send over to Finland's wishes, says Jörgen Persson, rescue leader at the naval and air rescue center.





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There’s generally not a handy beach in those parts, so looks like she has been deliberately run onto one of the rocky reefs.  Presumably, she has now settled firmly onto those rocks as water ingress has weighed her down.

Getting her off that is not going to be a simple job.

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So, looks from the chart posted by Tony that she’s passed over an area charted at, what is it, 7.4m? (Difficult to read).  Can’t imagine the actual depths around there will differ from the charted ones by much, but 7.4m sounds as if it ought to be clearable, although marginally.  Maybe there was something slightly less deep than that on the more detailed charts.  But crossing that area looks like it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

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nteresting.  Clearly steering failure can’t have been the cause here, as the  chart clearly shows the course change that was carried out once the decision to beach had been made.

If the two magenta lines are delineating the shipping channel then the Armorella would appear to have been well off course before striking something and then turning inshore to beach the ship.

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