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Going back in time to 1966 . . . We had tickets to the world cup final at Wembley. BR laid on many extra trains from Wembley Stadium station (which was otherwise closed) and rail tickets were route specific. The match went to extra time, and thousands of us turned up at the station to find that all the extra trains had departed on time - times fixed without consideration of the possibility of extra time being played. Good old BR - always known how to take the gloss off a happy day.

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24 minutes ago, Pegpilot said:

day trip destinations (Plymouth, York, Birmingham, Lake District, Blackpool), all from Broadstairs in Kent spring to mind

Kent to Blackpool and back for a day-trip by train would, by my rough calculations, give you 3 and a half minutes in town to enjoy the sights, eat an ice-cream and buy some ambitiously-priced tourist tat before heading back to the station. 

Those were the days!


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