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Initial thoughts of Galicia (10th Dec)

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1 hour ago, 5_ShortBlasts said:

On the electric front, does anyone know what the standard Voltage/Hz most ferries run on?  Surely that will be the sticking point? My knowledge of charging and electric differences is limited but I just wonder without the standard 240v we have on land, will these chargers be compatible with varying voltages etc?

There must be a source of ~230V for all the on board plug sockets, whether their inverters would handle the additional load is another question!

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On the 10th December, I travelled from Portsmouth to Santander on-board Galicia.  Here are my thoughts about the new ferry. Boarding felt like a disaster.  I think this is the first ferry I have

We're going off topic here.  I agree Colin, I feel the jump is being made to quickly to electric, are there other options?  I think if the engineers were told to make Diesel or Petrol greener by 2030,

All this talk of charging on the ferry, where do you think the Electric comes from?  A bloody great Diesel engine, that's really green!

On 20/12/2020 at 10:29, IanN said:

Pleased to see you back hope things are looking up for you.


(way off topic please move if required)

Thanks Ian, sorry been thankfully busy last few days getting people out the country on the ‘Great Escape’.!  Re looking up, I was lucky with a friend in high places at another outfit, so have air under my wings again :)  no rather than operating a bus, I am operating a pocket rocket!

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