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Galicia Cherbourg-Portsmouth 14/12/20

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On 29/12/2020 at 14:48, rogerpatenall said:

An update to my earlier notes - following our return from Cherbourg on December 28th in a Commodore Suite.

Well. Wendy is not a fan of overnight travel - particularly on a ferry. But within minutes of entering suite 935 she bounced on the bed, saying "I want to live here for ever". A pretty good start. The bed and bedding is luxurious, and the space and fittings are great. We both slept well, and could find nothing to dim our enthusiasm. We declined the in-room breakfast as the offering does not suit her wheat and dairy allergy, but the restaurant breakfast was fine.

If you guys out there have been really naughty - say you have just killed her Mother, or even worse, you ate the last Marron Glace - then treating her to a night in the commodore suite will ensure instant forgiveness. Save up and try it.

Great to see such a positive cabin review btw, despite lack of WiFi :) If anything it adds to your review of the experience. 

I have never travelled in a Commodore myself, despite hundreds of trips on different ships. Perhaps one day:) 

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