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Came across an photo album from 1992. We went Cork to Roscoff in late June and retuned after a fortnight. Here are a few scans from way back then. I possibly have uploaded some of these in the past but another sconce won't harm.









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I had rolled that car about six months before, so it had got a respray with go-faster stripes and all. I did bring a spare clutch cable as they were prone to breaking. Although in fairness you could change gear with out clutching if needed. Good fun.

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The Era when BF were at their best. 

Beautiful, painted and varnished hand rails that's a thing of the past now they just don't bother anymore on all of the fleet ! 


Bretagne looking beautiful as always, still such a stunning vessel today. Miss her old livery soo much. 

Thanks for these lovely pictures, really appreciate it. Makes me remember the good old days. 

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