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I've recently been clearing through my mums house after she passed away, and have come across our old scrap books of holidays touring with our caravan to France in the late 60's and early 70's. I've scanned some of the more interesting stuff and will post some of it on this thread. Hope you enjoy.

TT Timetable 1969_000087.pdfTT Timetable 1969 page2_000088.pdfTT Timetable 1969 page3_000089.pdfTT Timetable 1969 page4_000090.pdf

So this was our ferry timetables for 1969.

TT ticket 1972_000082.pdfTT tickets 1971 and 1972_000085.pdf

Plus a couple of TT tickets from 1971 and 1972

Will have some photos somewhere and will post some of those if I find them. I also have old Caravan Club Red Pennant continental travel booklets. all makes interesting reading.

TT Timetable 1969_000087.pdf TT Timetable 1969 page2_000088.pdf

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March / April 1979, FE2 was still at Dover (probably on the Calais route).  Is that where this photo was taken?

She went to Portsmouth in 1980 for her last season with TT, partnering Viking Victory on the Cherbourg route.  

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