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Woman and child rescued after going overboard from Stena Horizon in Belfast harbour

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AN INVESTIGATION IS continuing after a woman and her 11-year-old daughter went overboard from a ferry as it moved into dock in Belfast yesterday.  They were rescued from Belfast harbour after entering the water from the Stena Horizon vessel, which was arriving from Liverpool. A rescue boat from another Stena Line ferry that was in the harbour at the time, the Stena Superfast VII, was the first to reach them, and crew members managed to pull them to safety.

Woman and 11-year-old daughter rescued after going overboard from ferry in Belfast harbour

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Glad they survived but I do often wonder (AND PUT THE GUNS DOWN DO NOT SHOOT ) how people can end up overboard a vessel without doing so deliberately- or unless there is a broken railing or severe weather in which case the decks would be closed. 

I also remember someone going overboard the Val many years ago reancting the Titanic scene, sometimes pure foolishness or drunkenness can be a cause.


My theories for MOBs are (starting most likely):


Deliberately, Eg/ Suicide or mental health issues.

Fooling around/drukendness.

Escape (such as stowaways.

Accident or murder.

Broken railing/infrastructure.

Severe weather.

Maritime disaster eg/ sinking or capsizing.

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Even in extreme weather I can’t see how you would go overboard. The closure of decks is often to do with stopping people from slipping and injuring themselves. 

I would also be surprised if there was a railing failure with the inspection regimes on modern ships.

Did the kid climb and fall, and the parent jumped to save her?

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