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Thanks to Voyager ShipSpotting, this great picture appeared on my facebook page today. I delved a little further into the tonnage of Ventouris.

Greek owned Ventouris Ferries have three vessels which at one time in their lives were owned or operated by Stena Line. Three of which operated in British waters.

The two vessels in the image are Rigel I sporting the navy livery and Rigel II.

Rigel I is now 48 years old and for a very brief period was Stena Baltica until sold to the Russians.

Rigel II ahead of Rigel I was christened Visby back in 1980. She became Felicity and sailed for Sealink between Fishguard & Rosslare and later as Stena Felicity. She was the largest vessel on the Irish Sea until Isle of Innisfree arrived and offered passengers sauna's and jacuzzi's.

Another Ventouris vessel, not pictured, MS Bari built in 1979 began life as Sealink's St Anselm and served briefly on the Fishguard Rosslare route, spending most of her life at Dover, she was replaced by Fantasia/ Stena Fantasia which would ultimately become P&O's Canterbury.

Finally, Ventouris' Rigel III, again not in the image, was originally built in 1979 for Viking Line and named Turella, she became Stena Nordica during the 1990's.

As a footnote, Both MS Bari & Rigel II can also be found wearing the livery of Polferries.


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