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Yes - there is some availability (or was at Christmas time), but don't get too excited. 

Reminds me of when I organised a dinner for 40 at the Chateau in Bricquebec. I asked if there could be three vegetarian meals. With a horrified look the patron at the time said "well, yes - but I don't think that they will enjoy it".  (but they did . . .)

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14 hours ago, David Williams said:

I imagine that it would be safer to take your own food

Small comfort as the meals have already been paid for in the crossing price. There is no option I cans see to avoid this on Galicia

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16 hours ago, Valerie Wilton said:

Does anyone know if gluten free food is available on the Galicia please? We are due to travel in a few weeks and need to eat gluten free.

We've not travelled on Galicia yet so can't comment on the different Spanish styled menu's aboard not found on the other ships but...

My wife has Coeliac and realistically all she can eat aboard are one or two the pre packed salad bowls found in the self service. They do GF bread rolls but you have to ask for them and if you walk in for breakfast with a GF loaf they'll usually toast some for you if requested then she'll attack the fruit, yoghurt, meats and cheeses. I think you'll just need to keep an eye out for the usual symbols on the menu's but be prepared to be disappointed.

The Tapas menu may be your best bet?


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