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Cabins - ? how many per crossing during Covid-19

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Hi there,

first post in this forum! 

just a quick question. I’ve been looking at the crossing Plymouth to Roscoff for the 23.7.21 and a few weeks’ ago it was fully booked, with only seats left. Today, I’ve just checked, they have over 14 cabins left and even a club plus one! My first thought was that some people must have cancelled their bookings. But my partner said most likely BF are releasing the cabins as crossing date approaches. I really don’t know. Do you know how many of the 247 cabins of the Armorique are available ? Do you think this “flood” of cabins is because of cancellations or BF releasing more? Many thanks! 

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Hi Jonny, and welcome to the forum!

Its most likely a result of passengers moving their bookings following the (limited) release of 2022 sailings earlier this week. 

I would take the opportunity to grab the cabin you’d like whilst you can, just in case...!

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