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We have a ferry booked for late June Santander to Plymouth sailing on a Monday.  Knowing that the covid test needs to done no longer than 72 hours before checking in at Santander makes the timings very tight as traveling from Portugal.  The local test centre here does not test at the weekends so Friday would be our only option even then it would have to as late in the day as possible so not to expire.

I started to make enquires to obtain a covid test on route, this proved difficult too due to being a weekend.

As a last result I called Brittany Ferries terminal at Santander, the kind lady pointed out that U.K. was accepting Antigen tests, after researching into  this it would cure the problem as you can obtain the kit fairly cheaply and do it yourself on route without a laboratory result. 

Has anybody done this test to board BF Or know any further information good or bad?




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I think that the rules will become clearer before mid May and we will see what the UK allows. There is a scheme that BA promote where you take the test with you on holiday and then take it on a video call and then send the result back as a photo within a certain time frame (https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/incident/coronavirus/covid19-tests#before)

Hopefully there will be more options available come May.


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