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Normandie Express to Condor Ferries

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If she's reregistered in Nassau the CGT will go Bahamas! Ed

Yes, one per passenger to ensure social distancing. Ed

This is her yesterday before coming off the lift - spruced up? Not yet Paully.... Chris  

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4 hours ago, Rattler43 said:

It will be interesting to see if Condor add a Club Class lounge. If they do it might be some indication how long Voyager will be staying with them.

If NEx is going to be used for longer journeys from UK to CI or France, I think a "Club Class" lounge would be vital and also good for generating additional revenue. I like the Condor lounges - they have always seemed very busy on UK - CI sectors, much less so on CI - St Malo. Liberation would be overkill for CI - St Malo as some have suggested, but I would be very happy to go UK - St Malo on Liberation. Also NEx if it had something more than the reclining seats which were fitted a few years ago, which are of only modest benefit relative to their cost.

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Easiest thing to do would be to stick a couple of Club Class signs on the Fire Doors to the Fwd Lounge and just designate the whole area as Club Lounge or Horizon Lounge.  Or have a small area designated Club with a steward doing table service from the Fwd Bar and the rest of the lounge as the Horizon Lounge.  Only issue is the Vehicle Deck access but a premium lounge is achievable at minimal cost to the company.

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I suspect we will have to wait until Condor issue their timetables, unless we get an informed leak, as to what will happen when and where with the fastcraft. A lot will depend on the sort of `interline` agreement BF & Condor have but I would imagine its Condor who will issue the fares and sailings first.


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