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Cherbourg - Santander for 2022: how does this work?

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Dear all

Am I missing something, or being unusually dim? I'm in Caen, and would love to go back to Santander / Bilbao next year. Mid-May, not summer peak.

The French website suggests that it's possible to book Cherbourg - Santander, which IIUC is possible because of a crew change call en route FROM Spain to UK. However:

Clicking on the link gives me an "outward" to PMH and a "return" covering the leg to Santander. With no sign of a "real" return from Spain to either UK or France. But I've tried various departure dates from Cherbourg and the onward sailings appear to be sold out / unavailable. 

Does this mean that the Brits have already bought all the space UK-Spain? Maybe simpler to go to/from Caen, even though it means changing ships. 

Aeons ago when we still thought "virus" was a computer gremlin, I think someone here advised against Bilbao as a footie. But maybe out to Santander, return from Bilbao with a couple of days in each city? The BF website mentions taxi from the metro to the port. 

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