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Free ferry travel in Denmark.

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Translated with Google Translate app.   Could this happen on some BF crossings if our Governments helped out to boost tourism?

The government's summer package means that pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars with disabled parking cards can travel for free again this year with the ferries in Denmark.  The summer package 2020 was a great success - such a great success that some of the smaller islands experienced so many guests that the locals had a hard time getting a seat on the ferry.

 “That is why the duration of the package has been three months, and that is why we have been asked this year to ensure that there is room for the locals to come back and forth.  For that reason, we will place the free trips on days when there is usually not so much congestion, ”explains Molslinjen's commercial director, Jesper Skovgaard.

 Molslinjen will place the free tours in the middle of the week.  This means that the Alslinjen, Langelandslinjen, Samsølinjen, Fanølinjen, Bornholmslinjen and on the route with the fast ferries across the Kattegat will be able to sail for free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in all weeks until the summer package expires on 30 September.

 The experience with the summer packages 2020 also means that the free travel again this year must be purchased online in advance.  Pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabled parking cards must buy exactly as they usually do, and then the ticket will be refunded when it is used.

 "It turned out to be a good way to make sure that the money for the summer package was spent on travel that was actually carried out," says Jesper Skovgaard.

 Those who have already booked a ticket in advance as a pedestrian, cyclist or disabled person for the summer package period, will also have their travel refunded completely automatically.  However, travelers with disabled parking cards on all routes except the Bornholm line must call in and book their ticket.

 Last year, around 300,000 pedestrians and cyclists traveled in the summer package on Molslinjen's ferries.

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