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Mont St Michel 5 July

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MSM 5 July 14.45


Back on board again, Commandant Valois on the bridge, and a smooth crossing.

A daytime sailing with around 60+ cars, a mini digger on a trailer, 2 camper vans and one French motorcyclist. A BF lady was on the car deck keeping an eye on things.

The colour coding on tickets and cars seems to have been abandoned. and I never received the usual, “We are looking  forward to welcome you on board soon “ advance email from BF.


Back to cabin 9004 which unlike the last crossing in May was now all ship shape if a little cold, the mattress had been changed, the TV remote control worked and the macaroons were there !


The self service restaurant wasn’t busy but seemed well stocked for so few passengers, payment by contactless card and a helpful lady on the till carried madame’s tray to a table. Triangular rolls at lunch time seem to have changed to round ones by the evening, magic !


The call to return to the vehicles was based on which deck you were parked on. With everyone on deck 5 it was a potential free for all, but with hardly any motorists there were no crowds. We were called ahead of the freight drivers.


The 72 hour PCR negative test results from Boots @ £85 each and the NHS ‘Vaccination Certificate” showing 2 Astra-Zenicas were all that was asked for at Ouistreham. 

Passport stamped, but I don’t think the Douanier noticed my newly issued Long Stay Visa.


After a comfortable crossing we headed off towards a closed motorway a torrential downpour with zero visibility and a storm with the highest recorded winds since 1969 (according to Meteo-France) but it was good to be heading back to Brittany.

The return is scheduled from St Malo late July on Armorique.......watch this space !

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