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Cal Mac - Arran and Islay

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Just a few pics from our recent trip to the isles. By all accounts, we were lucky with our timing, what with mechanical issues before our trip and Covid cancellations / restrictions on caravans after.

We sailed on the Isle of Arran, the Catriona, Hebridean Isles and Finlaggan.  I think Finallgan was my favourite, being surprising opulent.  The Catriona was very quiet due to her battery propulsion while the Arran and Heb Isles are very similar and full of olde worlde charm.  Being made in Selby, edges it for Heb Isles.  Everything ran to time and the crew were all very friendly (even the stern lady in charge of marshalling at Port Ellen!).  No problems with the caravan either.  

Isle of Arran preparing to load


Her namesake


Prime position for us!


 her running mate (Caledonian Isles) approaching Brodick


Catriona inbound to Lochranza with a combine harvester on board (the cutter bar had arrived on her previous crossing!)


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