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Dog Friendly Places to Stay

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Quick question, we are travelling on afternoon of 8th October on PA from Plymouth to Roscoff with our two small dogs. We get in at 1945 and plan to drive for three hoursish to stop over en route to our place near Bergerac. So we will be looking at something like Nantes area and we need doggy friendly accomodation for one night with a lateish arrival. Does anyone know of anywhere suitable, or failing that is there any sort of website with this sort of information that covers France?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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We use Booking.com to find hotels, chambres d’hotes and the like, and only choose those with high review scores.

But if we were going back to Nantes we wouldn’t need to look - it would be Hotel de la Regate once again. But  your arrival might be too late for them, that hotel might be out of your price range , and I know nothing about their policy with dogs - so that choice may be no help to you at all. 

The chain hotels at motorway junctions on the other hand are cheap and cheerful, often unstaffed at night but have automated credit card entrance at all hours, and don’t mind you taking dogs in. 

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I generally use hotels.co.uk as the cancellation policy is good and I get free nights.

You can search a town for pet friendly and 24 hour reception desk.

However booking sites don’t always have the offers available for direct booking so it’s always worth checking direct afterwards.

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