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Introduction of EES scheme by the EU - Effect on Ferry Travel

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There are a number of reports today highlighting the potential practical problems of the introduction of the EU's Entry & Exit sytem as applied to rail and ferry passengers.

It was designed for air travel use and entails 4 fingerprint scans and and a photo to be taken which means all travellers would have to get out of their vehicles for this to be done which is likely to create huge delays at ports and overcrowding at rail terminals.

Evidence is being given to the House of Lords Justice Committee and a summary of the problem is here. (there are other reports but they are behind paywalls).


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I’ve just read the Commission’s Impact Assessment and it mentions how self service kiosks will speed up the process and that it will only add about 40 seconds. It takes me a lot longer than that to clamber out the car nowadays. Justify like the Covid arrangements it is as cvab says, forgetful of ferry travellers.

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