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Boarding approach and procedure Portsmouth - Galicia

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A new member with an old question I suspect.

I am travelling for the first time on the Brittany Ferries service from Portsmouth on Feb1 2022 from Portsmouth to Santander at 9:00

Travelling in a 6.4m camper van, solo, and with a cabin booked.

Given that I live 2.5 hrs away from Portsmouth and there is a requirement to be at the departure terminal at 7:30 at the latest, I am intending to stay overnight a few miles up the road at Port Solent Marina Keep on the 31st.

Any experienced travellers with any top tips as to the boarding procedure ?- approach to the port?  I am assuming it's all well signed? and any general top tips especially for those who have travelled on this route in a motorhome.

Many thanks in advance






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I have never found the roads around Port Solent that intuitive, however once you get onto the Motorway spur to Portsmouth the port entrance is well marked.

However, I thought from other posts that you can sleep in the lanes if you get to the Port late enough, it might be worth tweeting either BF or PortsmouthPort to get the latest rules.

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We too have overnighted many times at both Port Solent and in the lines at the terminal. If PS then you are asked to ring security ( numbers on notices around) to let them know you are there. If the terminal then you are asked not to arrive before the last ferry departure,about 10.30 pm ish. We usually go to PS for a meal and then, sometimes, down to the terminal to sleep adterwards.

Both have been fine though the terminal can be noisy if you are parked near a refrigerated truck. Ask at the terminal before you go to sleep, what time the lines open in the morning and set alarms as, if you are not ready you will be knocked up as you are holding up the queues. It is very early ! 

The Costa at the terminal is closed at about 7.30 pm and there is nothing there after that. 

It’s a short and straightforward journey from PS to the terminal, well signed and largely deserted early in the morning. Enjoy your trip. We shall be on our way in 3 weeks and can’t wait after missing out last winter.

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I’m sure you already know this but you are not allowed to run your fridge on gas while on the ferry and there are no EHUs. We usually have a frozen first night meal in the freezer which has been fine on a 24 hour crossing but always defrosted on a longer crossing.  New post-Brexit regulations mean you are not allowed to take any  meat or dairy products. I understand this also applies to tinned food so it looks like it’s pasta for our first night after arrival.

You will need a UK to continental plug adapter if you intend to charge anything on the boat.

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