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7 minutes ago, DucdeNormandie said:

Yes it was mentioned here somewhere.

I'm not sure how recent that actually is as the moment has gone for most charter work but BF would have been mad not to be looking for work for her - or any of their ships - this summer just gone.

I think specifically with her they were trying to get in on the north African summer market which usually has its fair share of charters every year. But that market didn't work this year in the same way as normal, and then Tallink got in there with the Moroccan government-backed charter of the Romantika and Victoria I. Stena had the Stena Saga loitering off Algeciras just waiting for the call but in the end she went to Adria Ferries on the Adriatic.

Next summer hopefully the Bretagne will be gainfully employed in company service so the chance of a summer fling may have passed her by. For now at least.

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3 hours ago, DucdeNormandie said:

yes lets hope she will be back soon.



Too right,

We are booked on to Bretagne in March - really want our first BF crossing since this awful series of events kicked in to be on my favourite ship.

Probably the last trip we will make on her before she is sold.

But I hope not.


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