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Cuthred (Mira Praia) Lots of photos

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And, if you really are interested, everything you ever wanted to know about the fit-out of the Cuthred but were afraid to ask (I'd forgotten I'd got this but in the same file as the photos was a copy

Camber Queen was re-engined after she went to Setubal, and it is these that were transferred into Cuthred.  She is (was) actually a lot speedier than when she was on the Solent as a result, (if you st

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9 hours ago, Khaines said:

Street view, not sure how recent this is, in the Google Earth pic she has another boat in front of her, here she hasn’t..🤔


Looking online, the other boat appears in June 2018 but not August 2018. Perhaps that's the one and only boat there which is actually used. It's a very strange situation.

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On 12/02/2019 at 09:20, Techsnap said:

Interesting, many similarities but also many differences. There seems to be a lot more going on in the engine rooms on the later C's. Looking at the original decks in the plans for Cuthred, it makes you wonder if adding a mezz deck and a full sun deck didn't help the problems with speed on Cuthred. It's a shame that there are no interior shots of Cuthred from before Setubal.

I've heard nothing back from the Boat Centre so I don't think this will happen. Atlantic ferries gave me the contact details for APSS (Who own Mira Praia etc.) and I have sent them an email.

Does anywhere know where Rapido originates from? Apparently she also came from the UK but I can't find much information.

Sorry for being late... Rapido and his brother Expresso were built in1972, in a portuguese shipyard. They made part of the fleet of two car ferries and 3 passenger boats that made the crossing between Setúbal and the then new tourist complex Torralta in Tróia. There were also 4 (four!) Hovermarine HM2 (of of them can be seen in this fotage https://arquivos.rtp.pt/conteudos/inauguracao-do-conjunto-da-gale-em-troia/

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