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What's going on at Lymington


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Re: What's going on at Lymington


Took my first trip yesterday on the Wight Light. I have to say these ships do look a little odd with the vertical row not offset at the usual angle. There seems a lot of wasted space on the car deck and they do not seem to be particularly versatile. There were about 12 cars and a number of rigid trucks and a camper van. The car went under the mezz on the ports side with the trucks filling up the main part of the deck. However a truck turned up and although there would have been space enough for 10 more cars or more had the mezzs ben used the truck could not get on as the mezz on the port side is fixed. Also the loading on that route is pretty poor. They could have moved one of the last cars on that they put behind a truck and put the motor cycle in the side area that is wasted instead of letting it take a car space and they would have got it on. The mezz that disappears into the roof and cafe area is horrible. It would be like being shut in a tin box. Very strange design. Stairs far to steep compared to other IOW ferries and an odd layout up stairs where you cannot go right round. No view for watching it load as you cannot see the car deck from outside so you have to go back onto the car deck to watch. No real character but better ride than the St Clare we had on the way over Sunday. All her outside chairs are rusty or broken, she vibrates like she going to fall apart. For an 8 year old vessel, in very poor shape indeed. Bring back St Catherine.

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