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£3m Pier to bring in giant Cruise Liners

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From (I think) today's Evening Herald:





Millions of pounds could be pumped into Plymouth's economy under plans to extend a Millbay pier to attract some of the world's most lavish cruise ships.


City port manager Colin Greenwell says he wants to extend Trinity Pier to allow giant 200-metre cruise liners to dock in the harbour. The success of the scheme depends on finding £3 million to carry out all the works on the pier.


But Mr Greenwell, Plymouth Port Manager for Associated British Ports (ABP), said: "There is a very strong possibility of it happening."


At present only a minority of the world's cruise liners can dock in Millbay because it is too small. They often choose to dock in Falmouth instead.


But if Trinity Pier was extended then up to 30 cruise liners could dock in Plymouth each year and offload hundreds of high-spending passengers into the city, Mr Greenwell believes.


He said: "The impact on the economy would be huge.


"Each ship must bring in at least £100,000 with its passengers and crew."



EDIT: Also




Plans have been unveiled to make Plymouth the cruise liner capital of the South West, pumping millions of pounds into the city's economy. The ambitious proposal hinges on £3 million being found to extend Trinity Pier at Millbay to allow 200-metre cruise liners to dock in the heart of Plymouth.


If the scheme receives the necessary backing, project leaders believe up to 30 cruise liners packed with cash-laden passengers would visit the city each year.


Colin Greenwell, Plymouth port manager for Associated British Ports (ABP), is spearheading the project, which would also see a terminal building developed on the pier.


Mr Greenwell believes the city is missing out on millions of pounds due to a lack of mooring facilities for large liners.


The port of Plymouth is currently unable to play host to most visiting cruise ships because of their size.


Instead liners have to anchor in Plymouth Sound where their passengers are transferred to smaller vessels and taken ashore.


Mr Greenwell said he was hopeful of receiving a £1.5 million investment in the project from ABP, which he hoped would be matched by commercial operators and developers. Discussions have also taken place with the South West Regional Development Agency.


"There is a very strong possibility of it happening," he said.


"It is now about waiting to see the form of development that comes with the rest of Millbay.


"It will happen in about two years. Everyone is supportive of the plans.


"Cruise liner operators have told me that Plymouth would be much more attractive as a tourist destination if there were sufficient facilities to actually dock.


"At the moment we are losing trade to Falmouth because of our inability to facilitate these liners.


"Currently only one of the liners that visits Plymouth actually comes alongside in Millbay.


"If we had the potential to allow liners to come alongside, I'm sure that custom would take off.


"Next year we are looking at welcoming about nine liners. We could be looking at up to three times that amount if we extended the pier.


"The fact is that 65 per cent of cruise liner passengers are American and I would put money on the fact that if you asked them where they would rather visit - Plymouth or Falmouth - they would choose us because of the history.


"The impact on the economy would be huge. Each ship must bring in at least £100,000 with its passengers and crew spending money on accommodation, meals, gifts or whatever. Multiply this by the expected number of extra ships and the numbers speak for themselves."


Mr Greenwell's plans include extending the pier by installing two new blocks with decking to form a 'T'-shape. The dilapidated building on the pier would be redeveloped to create a welcome centre for tourists and visitors.


The plans fit perfectly with recent developments in Millbay.


Just over two years ago Associated British Ports oversaw a major dredging exercise between Millbay Pier and Trinity Pier to allow Brittany Ferries' flagship, the Pont Aven, to dock in Plymouth.


The dredging saw the water depth increase from 4.5 metres to 7.5 metres and opened up the potential to allow a new berth at Trinity Pier. ABP has the Trinity Pier site on a lifetime lease for port-related purposes from the Duchy of Cornwall.

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Re: £3m Pier to bring in giant Cruise Liners


Excuse me but 4.5m would not allow ANY Bf ferry to dock, would it????


Unlike St Malo we have not been subject to tide related timing variations so where does this figure come from and is it accurate?

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Re: £3m Pier to bring in giant Cruise Liners


The figure of 4.5m depth was near Trinity pier and was extremely accurate, the depth at the berth for BF ships is between 9 and 10m! The area around Trinity Pier was dredged, to 7.5m and the new fendering was placed there to "catch" a vessel blown off course to stop a reoccurance of the Val incident on Millbay Pier.

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Re: £3m Pier to bring in giant Cruise Liners


ahh I see - thanks. Only lived in and around Plymouth since 1978 so I should have picked that one up before!!!

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